With member-created programming on “KSUN Life,” the original “KSUN” channel is rebranded as “KSUN Now” and will shift its focus almost completely to live programming (or reruns of programming originally aired live) and regularly-updated news and information programs that are non-opinionated in nature like “Sun Prairie News” and “Inside Your City.” Live programming includes sports, city meetings, and school board meetings. KSUN now will continue to feature local church services as well.

“KSUN Now” is available on TDS channels 983/1983 and Spectrum Channel 983. “KSUN Life” is available on TDS channel 985/1985. Both channels are available to stream on sunprariemediacenter.com, and on the SPMC Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV channels. In addition, these channels can be found on SPMC’s mobile app. Access to on-demand programming will not change and will continue to be available online, on the app, and on all of SPMC’s streaming platforms.