KSUN provides programming for the community, by the community. For more information about KSUN history, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

The purpose of Sun Prairie Media Center is to serve community members by training those interested in airing video productions. As a grass roots organization the mandate is to create a communication link between individuals and groups to the Sun Prairie community at large.

KSUN is Sun Prairie’s Public, Education, and Government (PEG) channel. In serving these community interests KSUN airs a variety of programming. Shows by and for seniors, local government and civic meetings, high school sports, musical programs, church services and more are showcased on KSUN. For a preview of the programs airing on KSUN, check out KSUN Programs.

The programming for KSUN relies heavily on productions submitted by community volunteers. For information on who is eligible to submit programs or use Sun Prairie Media Center facilities, go to our User Guidelines.

KSUN offers training on Sun Prairie Media Center equipment to help producers create quality programming. The KSUN Workshops offer instruction on on-location productions, editing, and in-studio production.