Underwrite on 103.5 FM The SUN

Promote your business while supporting local media by underwriting on 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio!

103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio (WLSP-LP) is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a non-profit, non-commercial radio station, but the FCC allows stations like 103.5 FM to feature sponsorships and advertisements in the form of underwriting. (Think sponsor announcements like you’ve heard on Wisconsin Public Radio or Wisconsin Public Television.)

If you are interested in underwriting on WLSP, our current rates are available HERE. With underwriting, you can either target specific programs or, for an even lower rate, we will schedule your announcements. Note that there is a three-month minimum commitment. 

If you have questions or wish to begin underwriting, please call us at 608-837-4193 or e-mail SPMC staff.

What is Underwriting?

Underwriting is a form of media or program sponsorship where the sponsor receives a pre-determined number of underwriting spots during the programming day or perhaps tied to a specific program or programs.

These underwriting spots identify the underwriter and provide factual information about the underwriter and/or its products and services. It is an acknowledgement to the listening audience of the underwriter’s commitment to 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio.

Why Underwrite on 103.5 FM The SUN Community Radio?

  • It’s affordable. Spots start at just over $2 each.
  • It’s unique. If you have a business and you want to reach Sun Prairie, there’s no better way!
  • It’s easy! Fill out this form, e-mail it in, and we’ll start crafting your underwriting message right away.

What Can Be Included In an Underwriting Message?

  • The FCC allows announcements to be made to identify the underwriter. This provides a higher community profile and a more philanthropic appearance than the average advertiser, in exchange for the following restrictions:
  • No qualitative language; the language must be “value neutral”; meaning no words like “best” or “fastest” or “tastiest.” 
  • Reasonably short in length. 103.5 aims for announcements to be no more than 30 seconds in length.  
  • No “call to action” in the spot. It’s a fine line, but you can tell people where your business is, you just can’t tell them to go there.
  • Passive identifiers are OK (what, when, where, etc.).
  • No mention of special sales or discount offers.
  • Spots cannot include contests or giveaways.

An example of an underwriting message that would be permitted: “This program brought to you by Jamison’s Jelly Beans. Jamison’s Jelly Beans is located at 300 East Main Street and features jelly beans, lollipops, and craft sodas for sale or rent. Jamison’s Jelly Beans is open Monday-Saturday from 9 AM-7 PM.” 

An example of an underwriting message that would not be permitted: “This program brought to you by Jamison’s Jelly Beans. Jamison makes the best, tastiest, and freshest jelly beans you’ve ever had. They are certainly better than Mike’s Jelly Beans. Visit us at 300 East Main Street and we’ll give you a free jelly bean for every jelly bean you buy at regular price. Tell ’em 103.5 FM sent you!”

Want to give underwriting a try? Fill out this form, e-mail it in, and we’ll get working on your underwriting message right away! Have questions? Call us at 608-837-4193!

Underwriting fees are due to the Sun Prairie Media Center ten days before the spots are to begin running in order to allow time to enter the spots into our logs. Forms/payment can be mailed to Sun Prairie Media Center, 1350 Linnerud Drive, Sun Prairie, WI, 53590 or dropped off in person at the same address. Checks should be made out to Sun Prairie Media Center. Payments can be also be made online using the “Sun Prairie Media Center Donations” field. (Please note a 2.35% convenience fee applies to all credit card transactions.) 

103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio and the Sun Prairie Media Center thank you for your time and hopes that you will support us in the future, not only with your underwriting contributions, but by listening (and maybe even joining as a member and producing original content!)!