Q: How will the Sun Prairie Media Center look different once the library expansion is complete?

A: The Media Center will be renovated to adapt to its new surroundings. Specifically, SPMC staff work areas will be shifted south with a renovated welcome desk/waiting area placed at the Media Center’s north end. This new welcome desk/waiting area will be positioned to welcome users of the Media Center at its planned new entrance through the library’s atrium. The current restroom located inside the Media Center will also be renovated and will be accessible by library patrons.

Q: Currently the Sun Prairie Media Center is at the east side of the library. Will it continue to be located at the east end of the building once the expansion is complete?

A: The Media Center is not moving. While the Media Center is currently at the far end of the building, once the expansion is complete the Media Center will be in a more central location of the overall library accessible through the atrium and makerspace.

Q: How will the public access the Media Center once the library expansion is complete?

A: The Media Center will have two entrances: One entrance from the atrium at the north end of the building and one entrance within the library through the planned makerspace.

Q: What will the collaborative library and media center makerspace look like?

A: The audio and video studios in the makerspace will be another option for anyone wishing to record content. The makerspace studios will be accessible to anyone who is training or has been trained to use the equipment – there will not be the expectation that recordings are for use on the community media channels.

Q: What hours will the makerspace be open?

A: The hours are yet to be determined. It is hoped that the makerspace will be accessible during some evening and weekend hours when the media center is typically closed.

Q: Will use of the Media Center video or radio studios be affected by the expansion?    

A: No – the studios are not moving and overall should not be affected by the expansion project. However, it is likely that during some phases of the construction some areas of the Media Center, including the studios, may be unavailable to the public. This information will be communicated via Media Center communication channels.

Q: Will the Media Center hours change as a result of the expansion?

A: The Media Center hours are not scheduled to change; SPMC’s studio space will continue to be booked via appointment and KIDS-4/summer workshop crews and classes will continue to require prior registration. Please call 608-837-4193 or e-mail staff@sunprairiemediacenter.com for specific inquiries about studio availability or future classes, workshops, and other learning and training opportunities.

Q: Will the library’s expansion affect the long-term operation of the Media Center?

A: The library expansion will bring the Media Center added visibility while the library’s makerspace will offer additional training and production options and opportunities for Media Center-related activities. Staffing, budgeting, and operations of the Media Center are not scheduled to be affected by the library expansion project.  

Q: When will the expanded library be open?

A: Good question! While there is not an official open date yet, the target opening is the summer of 2025. Further questions about the library expansion should be directed to Svetha Hetzler, the SPPL director at shetzler@cityofsunprairie.com or at 608-825-0900. Questions about the capital campaign for the expansion should be directed to Theresa Stevens, the executive director of the SPPL Foundation at execdirector@sunlibfoundation.org or at 608-886-0718.