What is KIDS4?

Please visit kids4.tv for more information on the current crew year, summer workshops and registration information. 

The Mission of KIDS4

is to both, promote media literacy to children and provide a source of original programming to the community of Sun Prairie. KIDS4 endeavors to promote media literacy by putting kids in control, producing television for kids, by kids. The children of KIDS4 take on a very adult role as they produce, write, direct, edit and star in their own television productions.

The hands-on aspect of KIDS4 is coupled with media literacy curriculum in the form of hand-outs, short videos, and discussion about different aspects of media. The kids focus on topics like television news, commercials and paid programming, and reality and make-believe on television shows. Children of KIDS4 are responsible for a variety of activities including cameras, sound, lighting, editing, directing, and content of their programs. Children go out into the community of Sun Prairie and record city events, such as parades and festivals, music programs, sporting events, tours of local businesses, and their own plays, skits and game shows. The children of KIDS4 gain confidence and creativity as they plan shows and work in front of cameras. The kids of KIDS4 learn to work together in groups as they form and collaborate their own thoughts and ideas.  These ideas will form the information future generations view in the media.

As children watch more and more television every day, it makes sense that they should learn to decipher the powerful medium just as they learn to read or write. With a mastery of television production and its goals, children become informed consumers of the television medium.

For almost four decades, KIDS4, Sun Prairie’s Children’s Channel, has taught children ages 9-14 aspects of producing television shows.  KIDS4 has been providing the community with the only cable access channel in the country, designated by the FCC, solely as a children’s channel.  The objective of the programs on KIDS4 present a window through which one can view school and after school life of Sun Prairie children.  It connects the community with its youth and the kids with the media.  Instead of a passive relationship kids have with television, KIDS4 promotes an active, creative outlet for children. This outlet gives kids the skills to communicate and form ideas in powerful and ever-changing medium of television.