District 2 Candidate Forum

Aldermanic candidates for District 2, Donna Bemis and Bill Connors, discuss community issues in preparation for the Spring general election. Click here to watch online.

Heather Jones on Inside Your City

Aaron Oppenheimer spotlights Sun Prairie Public Library Foundation President Heather Jones.  Also, tune in to find out what's happening around your city and inside city hall. Click here to watch online.

A Tribute to Ed Garvey

John Quinlan gathers Mike McCabe, Matt Rothchild, Joe and Joann Elder to honor Ed Garvey a Wisconsin labor lawyer, politician and activist.  Click here to watch online.

TNL Goes Live!

The new crew for Thursday Nigh Live is ready for television!  Every Thursday TNL is live from the studio on KIDS-4 channel 984 at 6:30pm.  Be sure to watch the new crew live on TV.  Parents stay updated with the latest KIDS-4 information at kids4.tv.
Click to watch
KSUN On Demand

  • No School / No Crew
    April 10-13
  • SPMC Closed
    April 14
  • Last Week of Crew
    April 24-27


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