Talk of the Town, Public Works

Talk of the Town features Lee Igl, Director of Public Works in Sun Prairie.  Learn about upcoming projects, sidewalks, snow removal and street conditions.   Click HERE to watch now.

School Views, CHUMS

Dr. Culver kicks off the season with his first show featuring Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School.  Watch students from CHUMS and Principal Mr. Ruggles describe their school and experiences.  Click HERE to watch online.

YOLO, Yogurt Love

The Chamber Business Spotlight this month features YOLO, Yogurt Love.  Toni Rossmiller tells us about her motivation behind the store, selection of flavors, nutrition and much more.  Click HERE to watch online.

Cardinals vs Verona

Congrats Cardinals to making it to the playoffs!  If you missed the last game of the season against Verona watch it here.  Click HERE to watch online.
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