Celebrating 100 Episodes of “Inside Your City”

Sun Prairie City Administrator Aaron Oppenheimer and Managing Editor of the Star Chris Mertes ended their summer on a high note as they marked 100 episodes of their KSUN TV original production “Inside Your City with Aaron and Chris.”

Aaron and Chris began their illustrious TV hosting career together in May of 2014. On their first episode, they featured an interview with then-Sun Prairie Public Library director Tracy Herold. Since then they have interviewed dozens of city employees, business leaders, local service group leaders, and others.

The featured guest on the 100th episode of “Inside Your City” of Tim Semmann, city of Sun Prairie Planning Director.

While Mertes had hosted a KSUN show with Don Hooser for several years prior to 2014, “Inside Your City” was Aaron Oppenheimer’s first regular experience in front of the camera. “I had been thinking about doing something with the Media Center for a while,” said Oppenheimer. “When Jeff Robbins asked me if I wanted to do something, it was the push I needed. It’s been a great deal of fun and I think it’s a great service to the Sun Prairie community.”

Mertes, who still hosts with Don Hooser the long-running (and sometimes long in duration) KSUN program “Talk of the Town,” says that the appeal of doing “Inside Your City” was immediate. “Working with Aaron is great,” said Mertes, “plus I wanted to convince people that I could do a program that lasted less than two hours!”

Mertes and Oppenheimer have hit it off as a hosting duo to the tune of three straight wins at the annual “Best of the Midwest Video Fest,” including a 2018 excellence award at this year’s event held in May in Oshkosh.

The staff at the Media Center wishes to thank Aaron and Chris for their time and talents.
The 100th episode of “Inside Your City” (as well as previous episodes) can be viewed by going to sunprairiemediacenter.com/ksun-on-demand.