Fundcrazr Tickets Support KIDS-4

Back by popular demand, the Sun Prairie Media Center is hoping you’ll go crazy over their unique “Fundcrazr” cards that will help raise money for needed equipment to help KIDS-4 and the Media Center survive and thrive.

Here’s how it works: each KIDS-4 family with a child in the 2019-2020 KIDS-4 program will be given a number of “Football Crazr” fundraising tickets to be sold. Additional tickets will also be available for sale at the Sun Prairie Media Center.

Each ticket costs $10. The buyer of each ticket is randomly assigned three NFL football teams for five weeks of the NFL season: November 17-December 15. Teams vary by week and all fifteen teams are printed on each ticket.

Every ticket is eligible for all five weeks of the sweepstakes: If the three teams printed on the ticket score the most points among all tickets sold for the KIDS-4 fundraiser for that week, the owner of that ticket will win $100. There are also weekly prizes for the teams that score the 2nd ($40), 3rd ($30), and 4th ($10) highest point totals, and well as for the teams that score the combined lowest ($20) total for the week. Each ticket is therefore eligible to win multiple times, while no ticket is guaranteed to win.

Here’s maybe the best part: Day One Pizza has agreed to sponsor the tickets this year, and each ticket comes printed with a $10 coupon for any carry-out or dine-in order of $35 or more. So buyers of the ticket will not only have a chance to win money, but if they use the coupon, they will in effect have received the ticket for free.

“We are happy to be doing the Football Crazr tickets again this year,” said Sun Prairie Media Center director Jeff Robbins. “Last year the tickets were very popular and with the support and participation from the awesome folks at Day One Pizza, the tickets this year should be very attractive to potential buyers!  And it’s great for families to have that ownership on something we’ve purchased to benefit the Media Center.”

The Media Center would like to stress that you don’t need to be involved in KIDS-4 to participate: “If you know a family with someone in KIDS-4, chances are they have tickets to sell,” said Robbins. “But if you don’t, just come to the Media Center and pick one or a bunch up here. We are happy for anyone to participate and help us reach our fundraising goal.”

Once the sweepstakes begins, those who have purchased tickets can follow their cards at the Fundcrazr website. Prize money will be awarded in person at the Sun Prairie Media Center. Prize money will not be mailed. The sweepstakes is limited to participants buying these tickets from the Sun Prairie Media Center. Players in this game are not competing against players raising money for another organization.

For any questions about the Fundcrazr fundraiser, please contact the Sun Prairie Media Center at 837-4193 or e-mail Jeff Robbins.