Simply Fun Cooking is Simply, Well . .. Fun!

Have you heard what’s cooking on KSUN? Well, it’s “Simply Fun Cooking”!

Rachel Hanson, a Sun Prairie resident and also an independent consultant for Pampered Chef, has begun doing a new cooking show for KSUN called “Simply Fun Cooking.”

In the show, Rachel — sometimes ably assisted by her two sons — presents some of her favorite delicious recipes that can be made easily and quickly in any kitchen.

Speaking of kitchen, the SPMC would like to send out a major thank you to the Sunshine Supper for allowing “Simply Fun Cooking” to use its facility. Remember to head to the Sunshine Supper every Monday night at 5:30 PM for good food and good company! At no cost!

Watch the latest episodes here:

Light and Healthy Chicken Bruschetta/Vegetable Salads

Quick & Easy Breakfasts