On Wednesday, January 19, the Sun Prairie Media Center hosted its fourth annual Sun Prairie Media Center Volunteer Appreciation Event. The event was held at the Nitty Gritty and was sponsored by the Bank of Sun Prairie.

(Prior to 2018, the Media Center had previously honored an individual producer at the annual Sun Prairie Public Library Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon before branching out on their own.)

“No doubt that 2021 was another challenging year at the Media Center,” said SPMC director Jeff Robbins. “But one of the things that always brightened our days was working with our great producers, who constantly contributed fantastic programming. Last year we had a virtual event, and though we were hesitant to have an in-person gathering this year, we ultimately decided we could do it safely and we appreciate the support of the Bank of Sun Prairie and the Nitty Gritty in hosting us.”

Several honors were handed out at the event, including:

  • Outstanding Dedication and Service to Dan Corcoran, who produced, directed, and announced many sporting events in 2021.
  • Outstanding Broadcast Team to Mike Powers, Jamison Rabbitt, and Bill Baker (the Sun Prairie Cardinal football announcers).
  • The “Weekend Warrior” award to radio producer Pete Zenz, who produced many shows outside of the normal work week.
  • The “Most Prepared” award to “Parenting Game” producer Christine Bright.
  • The “Most Improved” award to “Drilling Down in 60” producer Juanona Brewster, who has shown tremendous improvement in dealing with the technology inherent in hosting a radio program.
  • Outstanding Team Player to Tim Hatfield, who is agreeable to do just about any assignment asked of him.
  • The “Most Consistent” award to “GRRL-Powered Radio” and “Play Anything” producer Caprise Waak.
  • Outstanding Interviewer to “My World and Welcome To It” producer Rex Owens.
  • The “Most Positive” award to “Marc Madness Sports” producer Marcus Carstens.
  • Outstanding Juggler award to Mark Gonwa, producer of multiple shows.
  • Outstanding Behind the Scenes award to Theresa Stevens, Media Center Commission board member.

“We could always give out more awards,” said Robbins. “A lot of very deserving people weren’t mentioned. But it’s fun to keep the honors fresh each year and beyond.”