The next time that you are browsing on the most popular news website in Madison, don’t be surprised if you come across live feeds of Sun Prairie’s very own TV and radio stations!

Channel 3000 has added several locally-themed pages, including a dedicated Sun Prairie page. That page features active 24/7 livestreams of KSUN and 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio.

“The partnership makes sense,” says SPMC director Jeff Robbins. “Channel 3000 is looking to increase its content from Dane County communities outside of Madison, and what better place to look than community media centers such as the Sun Prairie Media Center?”

The page is currently located here within the sports section of Channel 3000, as one of the immediate goals of Channel 3000 management was to increase its coverage of high school sports. It’s likely the community pages could be re-located within the site in the near future.

“We requested that the Sun Prairie page include 24/7 streams of KSUN and 103.5,” said Robbins. “We are interested in making our programming available through as many platforms as possible. And with links to bring people back to our site, we are confident that the added exposure on Channel 3000 will increase traffic on our website as well.”

Channel 3000 averages 16.7 million page views per month with 274,195 video plays per month.