Sun Prairie Media Center Programming Takes Home 19 Awards

The results for the Best of the Midwest Media Fest Results are in, and programming produced at the SPMC took home 19 awards, including “Best in Show” honors for the program “Bienvenido Wisconsin” and for a short documentary produced by Prairie Phoenix Academy students about student culture at the school.

Elsewhere, Tina Paulus-Krause and Mark Gonwa scored “Excellence” awards for the radio programs “Your Leadership Legacy” and “Song Archaeology” respectively.

Here is a breakdown of all of the categories:

Best in Show Awards:

Eric De Vries (Bienvendio Wisconsin — Best Cultural/Ethnic Program)

Terri Simpson’s Prairie Phoenix Academy class (Best Program Produced by Youth)

Excellence Awards:

Mark Gonwa (Song Archaeology)

Tina Paulus-Krause (Your Leadership Legacy)

Achievement Awards:

George Chavez (Making the Connections)

Mark Gonwa (Beth Bombara interview)

Mark Gonwa (Lou Ferrigno interview)

Mark Gonwa (Take Immediate Cover)

Aaron Oppenheimer and Chris Mertes (Inside Your City)

Jamison Rabbitt (Reel Reviews)

Steve Sabatke (Council Playback)

Merit Awards:

Mark Gonwa (Wise Jennings interview/concert)

Mark Gonwa (Bluesology)

Mark Gonwa and Tom Weber (A Man A Mouse The Magic)

Rachel Hanson (Simply Fun Cooking)

Mike Powers (Praise in the Prairie Artist Spotlight)

Mike Mathison/Getonn Harper/Marc Borland (WIAA Boys Basketball Regional Playoff)

Jamison Rabbitt/Mike Powers/Bill Baker/Marc Borland (Cardinal Football)

James Wyngaard (WIAA Baseball Final)

– Congratulations and thank you to all of the volunteers who produce programs at SPMC!