Sun Prairie Media Center, Public Library Honored for Partnership

The Sun Prairie Public Library have been honored by the South Central Library System Foundation as recipients of the 2017 “Giddy Up Partner Award.”The award was presented during the annual Cornerstone Award SCLS fundraising reception.

The nomination form for the “Giddy Up Partner Award” reads: “For those strong community partnerships that add value to the library and the community as a whole. It takes two, baby! Or three…or four. Nominate the library and its partner(s) and describe the amazing stuff they’re doing together.”

The Sun Prairie Public Library and the Sun Prairie Media Center have been working together to bring creative programming to residents over the past few years. “In 2017, we created several recordings, including a whimsical feature on Sun Prairie’s “Georgia Cow’Keeffe”, one of the cows from the Wisconsin Cow Parade,” said Library Director Svetha Hetzler. “In addition, the media center attends library events, including our Foundation’s fundraising events to interview patrons about how the library has transformed their lives.”

This year the library and media center created a focused plan for collaboration that will be mutually beneficial to both city departments. “We have been working with the public library to produce a monthly radio show called ‘The Tallest Building in Town’ and a quarterly television show called ‘Connect at the Library,” said Sun Prairie Media Center director Jeff Robbins.

“In addition, we have begun collaborating on public service announcements and trying to increase the amount of library programming that is recorded and aired on our channels. In addition, we are now offering Media Maker Labs specifically aimed at library patrons who may not be that familiar with the Media Center.”

Media Maker Labs are workshops offered for both children and adults so participants can learn the art and skills needed for producing video and radio programming. The single class workshops give patrons a taste of creating media and the opportunity to decide if they’d like to pursue full-length workshops, produce regularly-scheduled programming, or otherwise volunteer at the Media Center.”

“This partnership really helps highlight the services and resources of the library, while at the same time making available to the community the expertise and resources of the Sun Prairie Media Center,” Hetzler said. “It’s a win-win for both of us.”

“The SCLS Foundation Board is pleased to recognize Sun Prairie Public Library and Sun Prairie Media Center with the Giddy Up Partner Award,” said Janet Pugh, SCLS Foundation Board President. “This project is an example of how city departments can work together for mutual benefit, and to enhance the lives of residents.”