Sun Prairie Stories is a new program on 103.5 FM, WLSP-LP, Sun Prairie’s Community Radio station. It debuts Monday, September 11 at 11:30am. Episodes re-air at 5:30 on Thursday afternoons, and can be streamed any time on the Sun Prairie Media Center app.

Hosted by SPMC volunteer, Sara Milewski, Sun Prairie Stories grew out of a limited-run pandemic project she did to take the place of the Sun Prairie Multicultural Fair. On the Multicultural Fair Radio Reboot, she interviewed community members who are active in community agencies that serve communities of color in Sun Prairie and Dane County. “My favorite part about doing the Multicultural Fair Radio Reboot was hearing people’s stories. There were so many connections between the experiences of the guests that you’d never have guessed,” said host Sara Milewski. 

After that award-winning show wrapped up with the return of the in-person Sun Prairie Multicultural Fair, Milewski knew she wanted to expand on the project. “I believe we all have stories to tell, and hearing those stories help us understand each other, and our community, better,” said Milewski. She set out to create an oral history project to allow Sun Prairie residents to tell their own stories, in their own words and voices.

She started collecting stories from Sun Prairie community members in 2022. She curated them into episodes by connecting the stories through a common theme. “The learning curve to produce my own show was steep, but I love how it is turning out. I hope my listeners are moved by the stories they hear from their Sun Prairie neighbors,” Milewski stated.

New episodes will debut every two weeks. Milewski is still collecting more stories for future episodes. If you are interested in recording your story for Sun Prairie Stories, please visit