Can You Believe it?! KIDS-4 is Almost Here!

Summer flew by! And a new year of KIDS-4 if about to begin (bonus for all those crew member eager to begin). The program filled up quickly and Rachel has been busy organizing crews for the 2017-2018 school year to begin with a kick-off party on October 2nd. The official first week of crew will be the week of October 9 and run through the end of April.

What is KIDS-4, you’re asking?

Well, in KIDS-4, students are trained in many areas necessary to create their own television programs and videos: Cameras, lighting, sound, directing, producing, writing, editing, as well as animation.

While students work with adult staff, their creativity is unfiltered and their work is entirely their own. By creating their own media messages, students become more critical consumers of others’ media messages as well as better communicators.

KIDS-4 is TV by kids, for kids!

Students enrolled in KIDS-4 work after school once a week in “crews,” and their work airs on KIDS-4, a 24-hour public access TV station, as well as on

In 2016, thanks to the launch of 103.5 The Sun, radio production was added to the KIDS-4 curriculum.

KIDS-4 is also dedicated to getting students to work on location covering live events. This gets students involved and engaged in their community!

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