KIDS-4 Crews Prepare to Wrap Up

As we move into April, KIDS-4 crew will get ready to wrap up for the crew year.

The final live show for Thursday Night Live (TNL) will take place on Thursday, April 11 at 6:30pm. The crews will not meet during Spring Break, the week of April 15-18. In addition, the last week of crew will take place during the week of April 22-25. Finally, the end of the year Pizza Party is set for May 8 and this event is for KIDS-4 kids who have recorded an event outside of crew time.

Even though the crew year is set to wrap up soon, the kids can still stay involved over the summer months by participating in the Summer Workshops and/or they can continue to record events around the community of Sun Prairie.

Thank you to all of the KIDS-4 kids and their families for making this another successful year at KIDS-4. And remember, to stay connected with KIDS-4, visit frequently.