More City Meeting Coverage Than Ever Now on KSUN

The Sun Prairie Media Center is happy to announce that effective immediately, it is increasing the number of city meetings that it is covering on its main TV channel KSUN.

KSUN has been providing live coverage of the following meetings for years: Common Council, Committee of the Whole, Finance Committee, Personnel Committee, Plan Commission, Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, and Public Works Committee.

Starting in January, the Media Center is adding the following meetings to its broadcast schedule: Business Improvement District, Library Board, Transit Commission, Tourism Commission, Parks Rec and Forestry Commission, Historical Library and Museum Board, Police and Fire Commission, Sun Prairie Utilities Commission, Alcohol License Review Board, and Sexual Offender Residency Board.

“This expansion of meeting coverage came from discussions we’ve had with city administrator Aaron Oppenheimer and Mayor Paul Esser,” said Jeff Robbins, director of the Sun Prairie Media Center. “This directive says a lot about the importance to the city of informing its citizens and the priority that city leaders put on transparent government. This also speaks to the importance of having an active community media center that can provide this coverage, and I want to thank the city for its support and staff – especially Marc Borland – for taking on these added assignments.”

Whenever possible, the meetings will be presented live on KSUN and streaming at The meetings will also be available to view on demand at typically within 24 hours. A full KSUN broadcast schedule of meeting coverage and other programming is available at that site as well.