The City of Sun Prairie’s award-winning program, “Multicultural Fair: Radio Reboot,” will become “Sun Prairie Stories” at the Sun Prairie Media Center (SPMC) as a way to continue to tell the story of Sun Prairie’s growing community. The podcast will launch later this summer.

Due to the COVID-19 rates in 2020, the in-person Multicultural Fair was canceled and inspired the Radio Reboot. This was a way to offer programming that still celebrated the growing diversity of the Sun Prairie community while maintaining safety. The program focused on community members of diverse backgrounds. Sara Milewski, an SPMC volunteer, hosted the hour-long, monthly radio show and interviewed guests on their life stories and experiences. Guests also shared some of their favorite music and had an opportunity to promote a community service organization that reflected their culture. The eight-episode series concluded with the 2021 Multicultural Fair. The success of the Radio Reboot inspired the idea to start the new show, with a continued focus on the people who make Sun Prairie what it is today.

Sun Prairie Stories will offer participants an opportunity to record important parts of their lived story, with the support of a producer. The stories may be on a variety of topics about an individual's experiences. Those personal stories will be shared with the community as podcasts, on The Sun, 103.5FM, and online via the City website and social media platforms.

“I believe that it is our personal stories that make us who we are,” said Sara Milewski, SPMC Volunteer and producer of Sun Prairie Stories. “Sharing our stories helps us see the humanity in one another, and helps us better understand our community.”

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to participate. For more information on how to participate, please visit the Sun Prairie Stories website at sunprairiemediacenter.com/sunprairiestories or contact Sara Milewski at sara.milewski@gmail.com.