Sun Prairie Media Center Access

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the city of Sun Prairie’s commitment to reducing the risk of spread of the virus within city facilities, the Sun Prairie Media Center will have limited staff presence beginning Thursday, March 19.

This does not mean the Sun Prairie Media Center is closing. We are working diligently to maintain community access to our studios for our members and city staff as necessary during this time.

However, the KIDS-4 program has been suspended until further notice.

Even during times of limited physical presence, the SPMC staff will be accessible through mail and e-mail. Please call 608-837-4193 or e-mail or if you need assistance, are requesting access to the SPMC TV or radio studios, or have any questions.

Of course you can continue to listen to 103.5 FM, watch KSUN on Charter (channel 983) or TDS (channels 13 and 1013), or watch KIDS-4 on Charter (channel 984) or TDS (channel 14 and 1014) during this time. You can also access KSUN and KIDS-4 programming on Roku, Apple TV, and And EVERYTHING is available through our new app, which you can download for free at the App Store or Google Play by searching ‘Sun Prairie Media Center’.