The Sun Prairie Media Center, home to TV channels KSUN, KIDS-4, and 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio, is pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new, free, all-inclusive app for all mobile devices. The app is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

Unlike the Media Center’s previous app that focused on audio content only, this new app includes both video and audio programming. Once the app is downloaded, users have access to live streams of KSUN, KIDS-4, and 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio. Users can also access literally hundreds of KSUN programs, City of Sun Prairie meetings, SPHS sports productions, SPASD school board meetings, and dozens and dozens of podcasts recorded at the 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio studios underwritten by the Bank of Sun Prairie.

Fittingly enough, this new app is also sponsored by the Bank of Sun Prairie. “We are thrilled that the Bank of Sun Prairie is partnering with us on this new endeavor,” said SPMC director Jeff Robbins. “The team at BOSP is great to collaborate with and their support of our staff, volunteer producers, and the important content that we produce together is greatly appreciated.”

To find the app, users of the App Store and Google Play should search “Sun Prairie Media Center.” Once installed, users can also download and save programs to watch or listen to at their convenience, even at a time when they are at a location with unreliable Internet availability.

The release of the app is perhaps the greatest example yet of the Media Center’s desire to improve how its programming is distributed, an objective that has been of upmost importance to the SPMC for a couple of years now.

“In order to attract member producers and users to our channels, it basically breaks down into two main areas, content and distribution,” said SPMC director Jeff Robbins. “Although we can never have too much content, we are very fortunate to have a dedicated staff and passionate member producers supplying literally hundreds of shows and recorded events every month. So then the focus shifts to distribution. In 2018 we added our channels to TDS, improved the reliability of our KSUN and KIDS-4 online streams, and added our channels to Roku and Apple TV. But this app is our biggest leap forward yet. It took about a year of development but we feel it was well worth the wait.”

The app, developed in collaboration with Lloyds Design, a digital and design agency, allows users looking for videos to choose from recent videos, a series of “playlists” each consisting of related video programming (i.e., a “Reel Reviews” or “Common Council” playlist), or a live stream of either KSUN or KIDS-4 programming. Users looking for audio programming can choose between a live stream of 103.5 FM The Sun or a list of podcasts sorted by newest to oldest.

“The app is a living, breathing extension of the Media Center,” says Robbins. I hope users will download it, use it, and let us know what they like about it or what could be improved. But the bottom line is our programming has never been more readily and easily accessible than it is now.”

For more information, please go to or call 608-837-4193.

Happy streaming!