Join In Action Productions, in collaboration with the Sun Prairie Media Center, is pleased to announce a new project soon to air on KSUN: Voices of Experience (VOE).

VOE will examine how we navigate some aspects of life in the 21st century by bringing responsible information to the forefront. The first three areas of life VOE will explore include.

  • The Face of Bullying in the 21st Century– Understanding what it looks like, where it happens, and what we can do to end it.
  • The True Cost of Service– sharing the experiences of life for  contemporary veterans and their families
  • Stressbusting in the 21st Century-managing the realities of our lives now, using the most current cognitive evidence and brain research to achieve mental wellness by effectively managing stress.

Today, facts and data are abundant. Information, misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda are readily current and accessible through the internet. How do we sort it all out?

This is the puzzle that VOE hopes to address, one topic at a time. For further information please contact joininaction1@gmail.com, staff@sunprairiemediacenter.com, or 608-837-4193.

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